Finding Your Place in EBC

Ebenezer Baptist Church is an exciting and vibrant congregation. Our mission is "Putting the Family Back Togther", striving to restore the very fabric of family and establish guidelines and principles that will train and resore the man to his God given position within the family, accentuate family values, and drive deeper communion with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

We  are deeply committed to connecting people with God and with the people of God – committed to learning, living and telling the story of God’s grace. We hope that all members of our community will grow nearer to God through worship, deeper in relationship with Jesus through our doctrine, closer to each other through congregational life and greater in love for the world through outreach.

New to the Church and Looking to Get Involved?
Considering your gifts and passions, explore ways that you can be involved as part of the Ebenezer family.


Worship Faith Formation Congregational Life Outreach
Worship Doctrine Congregational Life Outreach

At Ebenezer Baptist Church, we believe that all of God’s people are called and gifted to serve. We are not called to merely be warm bodies or fill an obligation, but to join God’s redeeming and creative work in the world. Each person is a gift, and we want to see all people use their unique gifts and skills for the glory of God! Here are several questions to prayerfully consider when getting involved:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What activities give me joy?
  • What have others told me I am good at?